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Cosplay Color "Personality" Quiz!

June 1, 2012 by
Cosplay Color "Personality" Quiz!
PLEASE SEE THE FIRST COMMENT FOR INFO AND RESULTS. (Click 'view previous comments' to read it. The comment also has a 'view more' button.) It's NOT by what answers show up red or green! This is just for fun!
1. You're in a forest.
2. You see a fair maiden on the floor.
3. The maiden was actually an attractive guy.
4. He break dances and takes you up to his tower, carrying you bridal style.
5. The guy, who happens to be named Servias, embraces you and confesses his love to you.
6. He asks if you are a boy or a girl.
7. Servias loves you either way, because he feels that he has connected with you more than he's connected with anyone else.
8. He loves you so much that he wants to be inside of you...
9. ...with his many dissecting tools.
Rie Scarlatina
I got 2 blues. so I'm blue, what does that mean?
Infinite Pocket Cosplay
lol only got 5 and 6 right. . .so thats 1 blue and 1 red= Purple cospayer! yayyy i like purple!
5 red. 5 green.
Chane Ree
@Philippe, It means your color's blue. XD But "secretly" it means that a lot of your answers seem to match the character of a certain show that I'll leave unnamed. <3

@Infinite Pocket Cosplay, I'm glad you're satisfied with your color!

@S.K, Actually, that's two blues and two reds. So purple. o3o
Rei Asakura
red, makes sense cuz I like fire
Chane Ree
@Higpi; Ah, sorry about that Higpi, but you counted your results incorrectly. It's not by what answers show up red or green (that just shows you if you got the answer right or wrong), but it's by which question goes to which color.

The blue questions are 1, 3, and 5.
The red questions are 4, 6, and 8...
Athena Keene
5 red, 5 green. Even Steven..... (^_^)a
Chane Ree
@Athena, It's impossible to get 5 reds and 5 greens since there are only nine questions that count. o:
However, you'd end up getting red and green anyway since your score turned out like this:
Blue- 1 blue
Red- 2 greens
Green- 2 reds

And so with Red and Green that gives you Brown. Congrats!
Miyanaga Saki
Chane Ree
Yep! You're an Aqua. owo
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