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Chane Ree

Lives in Mission Viejo, California United States · Born on October 24, 1993
Basic Info
Relationship status:
October 24, 1993
Last Login:
August 8, 2019
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May 22, 2012
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Favorite Anime(s):
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei
Favorite Character(s):
Link, Pepé Le Pew, France, Harumi Fujiyoshi, Haga/Aoyama/Kino, Kyousuke Kamijou, Suigetsu, Yamcha, Jonah Matsuka, Simon Kaina, Tom Tanaka, Serge Battour, Maki Aikawa, and Celty.
Ultimate Dream Cosplay:
Amalia from Wakfu ;w;
About Me
Hi there, I'm Chanelle. I don't really have any talents; I like doing a lot of things, but I make no claims to being more than amateur at anything I do. What I do have is a strong need to create things with my own skills, however, and I express this through cosplay, voice acting, drawing, making comics, writing, coming up with ideas, and other creative outlets. Again, I don't claim to be great at any of those.

I don't upload too many cosplays of myself for a few reasons: I usually forget to take a picture and also to prevent being placed on one of those "bad cosplay" pages. One of them once said, "I can put people's bad cosplays on my blog without their permission because they already made it public by placing on the web". There are quite a few faults in that statement, but either way, you're usually only going to see my cosplays in person. I have no problem with not having my cosplays online because I cosplay for myself anyway; I don't really care who sees and who doesn't see what I've made. I do like to speak to my fellow cosplayers though, and so that's what this account is for.

I'm here to offer anyone an overwhelming amount of support no matter what you look like or what you wear!

Some cosplay thoughts though:
-People cosplay for different reasons.
-Not everyone cares about perfection.
-Don't place your good/bad criteria on other people's cosplays; apply it to your own and maybe to those who ask for your good/bad criteria to be applied to their cosplays.
-Have fun!
Who I'd Like to Meet
Koji Kumeta, Napoleon Bonaparte, Muhammad Ali, and others.
Kiki's Delivery Service, Newsies, Freedom Writers, and Blades of Glory. (No particular order there.)
I like to attempt to draw, read, design characters, attempt to voice act, attempt to sing, attempt to write, attempt to stargaze, attempt to research stuff, play video games, attempt to cosplay, untangle wires, etc.
I also collect watermelon themed things, dice, and I have a small collection of stickers.
Favorite Band: Tally Hall
I love the accordion and would love to learn it one day.
Music box music is great, so is folk metal.