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Lives in Mission Viejo, California United States · Born on October 24, 1993
Chane Ree
Weeaboo Plays: Fantasy Football Week 3
Note: Weeaboo is not a nice word but I’m using it to describe myself. This blog series is about my experience playing Fantasy Football for the first time because of my parents. ~~~~~ Why don’t we st...
Chane Ree
Weeaboo Plays: Fantasy Football
How does your average weeaboo fare when faced with something that’s probably one of the most American past times in existence? Note: Weeaboo isn't exactly a good term, but I'm using it to make fun o...
Chane Ree
Anime Los Angeles 2013 Part 3/4/Final
After going to the con suite I went through a massive running of errands thing all while sitting in one place. :U That is, my friend, the one that hosted the Kuroko no Basuke gathering had left her pi...
Chane Ree
My 2015 Convention Game Plan
Hello fellow Cosplyrs! It bothers me a little that the blog section has been filled up with shoe spam, so I just wanted to fix that a little. I’ve always thought this site was cool and I’d love to kee...
Chane Ree
Found the Pathway
The day had been filled with good thoughts and relaxed feelings, but the sun went down and the sky was not the only thing which became dark. What had once started off as a time without worries had qui...
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