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Help making a hood with ears

Hey everyone! I'm trying to sew/create a stiff hood (not too floppy) that will stabilize a pair of Sylveon ears. My idea is for the hood to be pink, with the ears coming through wired to the hood with the appropriate accessories. I'm not sure what pattern to use, fabric to use, should I put wires in the hood itself, how should I measure for proportions, I have so many questions and I'm hoping someone has some insight to this. Thank you!

Reference Image:
Hi! I saw that you were looking on how to work with your hood and I suggest you could either work with wire which will be inside the ears or you could stuff the ears full enough that when they stand up they wont be so floppy and stiff, you don't have to work with the wire unless you actually want to chance how the ears will look with bending them and stuff unless you want you ears to also be thin on the inside and on the outer rim to have some fluff. Also when making my patterns I always go and draw them out free hand and check them to my body proportions and how they would look on things. It always starts with the shape! so first draw out the basic shape of the ear on a scale that you think is big enough that you can edit it by how it looks based on how big you want it and stuff. Also draw your patterns out on paper first and when you cut them I recommend putting pins down so your pattern wont move while cutting. ^~^
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