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My Sewing Machine

Dear Singer,

We had our differences. You wouldn’t want to feed thread properly. I couldn’t keep a straight stitch to save my life. You jammed constantly. I could barely thread your bobbins. However, we worked through our differences together. Somehow, some way, we finished dozens of tunics, several Link hats, and many more costume pieces. Now, you’re going to my mother. She knows how to handle you, but the relationship is so different. Give her fits. Frustrate her. Just know that I want you back one day, Singer. I’ll miss you,

With love,

Jacky the Nerd (a.k.a. your cosplayer)
What singer machine do you have? The newer models all really suck x__x I use to have one. I have a really nice Kenmore now.
Jacky Killian
I'm not sure. I think it was from the 60s or 70s because it had a wood finish.
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