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Possible Plans for the Future

The cosplay community in general sometimes becomes a really weird, elitist monster that isn't very welcoming at all. I talk to a lot of folks who want to start cosplaying and they often tell me:

1. "I don't have enough to buy a cosplay perfect enough to wear."
2. "No character looks like me, so I just can't."
3. "I'm too scared to cosplay."
4. "I don't even know where to start so I just won't start."
5. "They'll put me on a bad cosplay website. :C "

Yeah, okay. I'm kinda going to go through these really quick although they're not the main point.

1. A lot of people want their things to be perfect; and I get that, but then there are folks who think you're only allowed to cosplay if their cosplay is perfect. Nah. You can have as many "flaws" as you want. It doesn't matter what your cosplay looks like; wear it and have fun as long as it's not breaking any laws or making the majority extremely uncomfortable. You don't need to make your cosplay perfect; you're just used to seeing cosplay that you personally consider perfect and have decided for yourself that that's what all cosplays are supposed to look like. But remember, this is a hobby; you can do whatever and however you want with your cosplays.

2. Stop caring. Stop caring. Stop caring. I know there are some people who would just prefer to look like a character just as their personal preference for picking a cosplay and hey whatever, that's fine. I'm talking about people who feel they CAN'T cosplay as a character because they "don't look like them" though. You can cosplay as whoever you'd like. Personally, I do have times when I think, "Oh, I'd like to cosplay as this character, but actually I just wouldn't look good in it because of my dark skin". I get it; it doesn't happen often, but I know, it happens. These are usually just ideas for me in the first place, BUT if it's a character you REALLY want to do, then just do it. That's what I've been telling myself. This blog post isn't actually supposed to be super motivational, so let's move on.

3. Being too scared to cosplay is understandable, but at some point that will fade away when you get into a cosplay you're comfortable going out in. Start safe; maybe try some cosplays that can pass as every day clothes but are still memorable, then gradually move on to others.

4. Not knowing where to start? Yes, some cosplays are really overwhelming-- and to that I would say you should probably start small first. But actually, you don't have to start "small" in just one way. Do your cosplay in steps. Don't think of it as doing it all at once. I personally map out my cosplays in this type of way:

*make tentacles; -buy red material, buy white material for suction cups
*buy wig; -style wig
*make headband; -buy green material
*make other headband; -buy white material
*buy make up

As you do the things on your list, you'll be finished in no time. So arrange a plan; if you're trying to rush it for a con, assign days to work on specific things. It's just about organization sometimes.

5. Being put on a bad cosplay website or article sucks, but just be resilient and it won't even matter.

SO, with all that being said, I wanted to kinda come up with a way to combat all of this.
I wanted to specifically make "bad" cosplays. Yeah, cosplays that people would undoubtedly say, "Oh my god, that's sooo bad!" Why? Let's go through the points again.

1. "I don't have enough to buy a cosplay perfect enough to wear."- Doesn't even matter if you're purposely trying to make it look imperfect. Do what you can afford.

2. "No character looks like me, so I just can't."- Not looking like a character doesn't make a cosplay bad, but for some crappy people, that'd be the icing on the cake. ouo)b The idea if caring about whether you look like a character or not is often rooted in the thought that people will not like your cosplay because of that; but if you're trying to make your cosplay bad anyway, then skin color or different nose shape begins the last thing they'd care about.

3. "I'm too scared to cosplay."- Scared of imperfection? Scared of doing something that people will dislike? Scared to fail? Well, the point of this would be to make something that looks like a "failure" though it's not because you're meeting your goal of making something that looks like a "failure". If you're just scared of going out in something wacky-looking... well this will make it worse, but it's purposely wacky-looking, so maybe that helps. But really, after going out in purposely "bad" cosplay, you're going to grows so many balls and tits that wearing a cosplay that isn't supposed to be purposely "bad" will be a walk in the park.

4. "I don't even know where to start so I just won't start."- Start friggen anywhere. Even if you don't finish, you're achieving your goal probably. Making something purposely "bad" will help alleviate a lot of that initial nervousness that might come along with starting your first cosplay that was meant to look "nice". Instead you're making something "blah", so just start... oh I don't know, hot-gluing fabric together while also hot gluing craft foam.

5. "They'll put me on a bad cosplay website. :C "- Yep. BUT you're making it to be "bad", so it wouldn't even matter at that point. It's like how you'd react when someone says your bs-ed essay isn't a literary masterpiece. Like, no crap; I didn't try. Whatcha gonna do about it? Put me on a website? Okay but everyone else now knows that I purposely made it look "bad", so now you look silly.

I was thinking of maybe doing this in the future, either instead of my usual cosplays or alongside my usual cosplays (not that I upload my cosplays anyway to cosplyr or otherwise). I'm just kinda sick of people thinking that you're not a cosplayer unless your cosplays are marketable or something. I mention cosplay and everyone's ready to give out business cards and FB pages. Like whoa, I thought we were all just having a good time!

So this would be for the sake of humor and a personal movement, for me at least. I'd go around doing silly things, having a good time, and not worrying about if I look prefect or whatever the heck. It'd be great. Hopefully it'd get others to think, "Well, I can't be as bad as cosplay as that person over there," and then hopefully they'd join in the fun of cosplay without too many worries. Or maybe (because honestly you can learn a lot of what not to do when making something "bad"), people will start doing "bad" cosplays too, learn from that, and then comfortably go off to make cosplays they consider to be "nice".

The way I like to share my hobbies is by doing them with a lot of others in whatever ways they'd like to do it. I love cosplaying with others in groups, I love drawing with others, I love watching anime with others; I love enjoying my hobbies with others! By helping to open the door for others who are hesitant to join in for the above reasons, hopefully I can get more people to enjoy this hobby as well. This is the way I'd like to share my hobby; by opening it for others.

I also try to do this with drawing, showing that it can be fun without needing to be some amazing artist. Just have fun!~
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