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Won't someone please help Cosplyr?

It’s honestly really sad to see this site being spammed out. This could have been such a great site, but there’s no one sticking around to keep it running properly.

This site needs the following:
-Active moderators
-Active community “leaders”
-Site Events

Active moderators: I can’t even tell you the last time I’ve seen a moderator here. I don’t even know if they have the power to actually do anything. In order to keep things going, we’d NEED to get dedicated moderators. We’d need to make sure enough people have the power to actually go through and delete anything which causes problems and such. Look at the blog section; awful. Pages and pages of the same spam users. Even when this first began, nothing was done.

Active community “leaders”: Not actual leaders, but people who go out of their way to connect and interact with other users. These are also the folks with a lot of fun or just functional ideas for the site which admins and mods can put into consideration and sometimes even try.

Site events: One problem with this site is that users were left to their own devices when the site is built to be so much more open than that. You can connect with everyone, but we don’t actually have a reason to interact. It would be incredibly fun to have little contests NOT just based on how well a cosplay is, but on other things. We could have a theme every two months type of contest in which contestants are given a theme and they have to make a video relating to it in cosplay + in character. Or maybe just a design contest, where contestants are given a theme to design a cosplay out of (ie: gijinka of x, sweets theme version of x, etc.) They wouldn’t have to actually make the cosplay. We can also just have contests which judge based on the actual cosplay as well, but I would mostly encourage contests in which actual skill/talent isn’t really the main judgment factor. With designing something, the best idea will win regardless of how nice the art is. With a theme every two months video contest, it’s not based on how nice the cosplay is or how nice the video looks, but instead is based on how fitting, funny, etc, the video is. Because not every cosplayers is on the same level skill-wise; I’d rather judge on something which has come out of the creative abilities they have inside.

Prizes could be gift cards, art, a badge, or maybe just dynamis BUT dynamis would have to play a larger role for the site. Personally, I would say the folks with the most dynamis could end up on the front page of the site. I would even make it the banner at the top. If there was something Cosplyr could have offered as a prize, that would have been great to. Maybe some type of sponsor could have provided a little something, even if it was just like a discount code for a wig shop or something.

Something else for events could be… offsite events! People could have little gatherings offsite; they wouldn’t have to be big events or even be cosplay gatherings, but maybe just a little things like “out of cosplay picnics”, where people kinda see everyone for who they are and such.

After all that, I’d say the site needs active users, but who would want to flock to this spammed out place right now? We need mods. We need a team.
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