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Past post: Cosplyr- Let's bulid this community

When the spam had just started on this site (kinda), I had typed this and meant to post it. Some of it no longer apples; I blamed the "dying" community on the users for not being active or expecting a community instead of helping to build it. At this point, it's... become clear that there is and was a severe lack of moderation. I'll be posting my new outlook soon after this blog post. The past post:


Hi. If you’ve noticed, our Cosplyr community is being taken over a bit. We don’t really have anyone to blame but ourselves for not putting enough into the community. The problem with many communities is that everyone wants a thriving one, but no one wants to do the work for the community to actually become one. It’s not too late to fix things or get things started again right now. If you want to help make this community something great, here’s what I would suggest:

    1. Post stuff. Plain and simple; communities thrive off of posts. The cool thing about this community is everyone can see everything by everyone. So post about your day, your cosplays, or just anything that’s appropriate.

    2. Come to the site at least once a month. Once every two months—whatever works for you. It’s hard to talk about cosplaying 24/7, that’s for sure, but we can definitely pop in every now and then.

    3. Get your friends to join. It’s hard for some of us to want to talk to people we don’t know. We don’t want to meet more people sometimes. So why not get your friends to join? One big part of why a lot of people seemed to fall silent on the site is because they didn’t have much of an audience.

    4. Get it into your mind that we’re not a community yet, but you’re helping to build it. We can’t have a cool building without a good base. Right now, Cosplyr isn’t at the point where you can come in and experience a preexisting community; we are building the community RIGHT NOW. If you stick around, YOU are building the community as well. Be active, have fun, and don’t be afraid to share. Strong communities don’t appear over night; sometimes it takes years and years!

    5. Look at our progress now as if we’ve started from scratch. Or let’s just say it now, we’re starting from scratch. You can ignore everything that has been posted; post as if this is a site with a blank slate.

    6. Report spammers. Although the mods are currently missing in action, we can still report spammers. By spammers I don’t exactly mean advertisers. There’s nothing wrong with trying to promote your brand a little to the demographic you feel would be interested in your product. Spamming is more of three blogs in a row about Nike shoes.

    7. Create a cosplay personality. This is optional, but if you want to kinda make things interesting, use Cosplyr as a cosplay personality. This should also help if you’re a bit shy. Also, it’s fun to shape out a character that you can play through pictures or drawings. If you’re not sure if you want to do that or not, then Cosplyr is the perfect place to try it out without too many people seeing. Like I said before, use this site as a blank slate; it is what you make of it. You don’t have to even use your cosplay personality; you can use Cosplyr to shape it out.

    8. Try to introduce the site to some events. Make some, even if it’s just for this site. It doesn’t have to happen in person; it can be an online event where we all just do something fun.

    9. Don’t just use your Cosplyr as a page to collect fans. We’re all in this hobby together. We all see each other’s stuff on our shared newsfeed equally, so enjoy everyone equally too. Don’t just talk to cosplayers you think are “good”. Pretend good and bad don’t exist for a second. Don’t look at the people on this site as just cosplayers, look at them as people who just happen to cosplay!

I’m sure some of you might be thinking that we should just let things die, but that’s not my thing. I also don’t think that’s a good way to go about things. I don’t believe it’s beating a dead horse but instead it’s actually putting effort into keeping something in good shape. As long as there are at least two people here, then there is no dead horse to beat.
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