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New Anime Love

Hello to the like five people who read this :D Well this is my first blog ever so im gonna try to keep it short and sweet. Today I just really wanted to talk about how amazing sword art online the new anime is. Well by new I mean in english sub they only have six episodes OUT new. Well I really like this anime not only for the amazing set up and plot but the art as well. Most people who watch anime often kind of forget how long it takes to create each detail and in S.A.O it seems like every piece has been so carefully thought out. Well I encourage everone to give the anime a try themselves and report back :) talk to you soon BYE!
Tags: sword, art, online, s.a.o, anime, new
Joseph Kolber
SAO has been pretty good so far, I've quite enjoyed it. The whole aspect of actually dying in the game really elevates it.
Liz Aristi
Right! Without that fact that would probably cut my interest in the anime in half.
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