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Metal zipper damage and repair

In our daily life, I believe most people will have a zipper of their close, zipper is convenient for our life, but it brings us convenience, but also brings us some trouble, because when our clothes worn by the time or in the daily life of the case that the zipper is damaged, then these will make us a lot of zipper slider manufacturer embarrassment. Then there is no way in zipper broken their own repairs, the zipper is broken how to repair, there is no any tips?

Metal zipper damage two cases and repair methods:
1, on both sides of the rail side falling off, repair, will be a staple of a head folded inwards and parallel to the with the iron, the other end of the pull straight. According to the length of the pull off the edge of the iron, the excess part of the book from one end of the straight. Cut after the book nails, to be placed on the original iron edge position and retrace the head placed below and flush to the bottom edge of the zipper and,zipper slider suppliers on the other side of the fold to the same point. Then coat needle with a lock stitch thick real field and sew two pieces, the staple bag inside, width is with the original iron sides are equal; the bottom edge of the book nails sew with strict, seam smoothness, and then wax touch, this effect as the original iron as edge, micaela freely.

2, metal zipper missing teeth. Repair methods: in the original tail with beaks, or perturbation will zipper teeth is forced to take a few teeth, installation in tooth position off, then beak gently the tooth in the mouth is pressed on the edge, so he bite firmly can be.
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