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My 2015 Convention Game Plan Redone

I would just edit my last blog, but I actually want to keep the text I had in there just to show how much changed and so on. Adding more to that blog post would seem like too much clutter to me. This one I’ll try to structure more for potential edits.

What I wore to ALA 2015:
Day Zero- Rise in her tofu store outfit from Persona 4
Day One- Mari Maya from Samurai Flamenco
Red and Black Striped Formal Get up for Bon Voyage Formal Ball
Day Two- Daichi from Captain Earth (smh)
Day Three- Waluigi from the Waluigi Dating Sim

What I wore to AX 2015:
Day One- Zapp Renfro from Kekkai Sensen
Day Two- Tom Tanaka from Durarara
Day Three- Speed of Sound Sonic from One Punch Man
Day Four- Midorima from Kuroko no Basuke

What I wore to Anime California:
Day One- Zapp Renfro from Kekkai Sensen
Day Two- Midorima from Kuroko no Basuke
Day Three- Tofu Suit Rise from Persona 4

What I wore to Y-Con:
Day Two- Waluigi from Waluigi Dating Sim
Day One- Midorima from Kuroko no Basuke
Day Three- Serge Battour from Kaze To Ki No Uta

I ended up registering for Anime California unexpectedly.;; I’m also debating on going to Akihabara Con/Expo/Whichever. I kinda feel like I’m putting too much on my plate though. I wanted to get presents for friends and such but feel like I won’t be able to get them at Anime California.

EDIT: So it's after Anime California and Yaoi Con now. One thing, I totally brought the wrong wig for Serge. ;_; It sucks because I was looking forward to that cosplay a lot. ;A; Oh well though... I'll just wear it with the right wig next time. The thing was that I accidentally brought a wig that looks similar but is pretty different.;; I still wore it after trying all types of stuff to make it work but it just wasn't the same. It wasn't like I could go back home (or already be home) and get the right wig either like I'm usually able to do if I really wanted to. Eh heh. OTL So yeah... costests; those are important-- it was a last minute cosplay but the truth is I could have managed to do a really quick costest before I left instead of not wanting to dirty everything and unpack everything again. Sighs. Next time. I've been doing a lot less costests and finding out problems as I put the cosplays on for the first time these days. Bad habit. I used to be eager to costest too. I wonder what's up.
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