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Chane Ree
Possible Plans for the Future
The cosplay community in general sometimes becomes a really weird, elitist monster that isn't very welcoming at all. I talk to a lot of folks who want to start cosplaying and they often tell me: 1. "...
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Chane Ree
Won't someone please help Cosplyr?
It’s honestly really sad to see this site being spammed out. This could have been such a great site, but there’s no one sticking around to keep it running properly. This site needs the following: -A...
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Chane Ree
Past post: Cosplyr- Let's bulid this community
When the spam had just started on this site (kinda), I had typed this and meant to post it. Some of it no longer apples; I blamed the "dying" community on the users for not being active or expecting a...
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