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Carrie S.»Blogs

Lives in Chester Heights, Pennsylvania United States · Born on April 5, 1994
Carrie S.
So, what's your superpower? :P
Follow this URL: Click where it says 'Random Page' What page were you taken to? That's your superpower. :D lololol Comment below with your res...
Carrie S.
Fluttershy cosplay help?
Hey guys, I'm considering a Fluttershy cosplay. But I don't know how exactly it would need to be made. I heard the ears could be made out of model magic. Is that true? And where is that available? ...
Carrie S.
This was pretty much me on the first day of college: This was me when I saw someone I knew today: That's about it....
Carrie S.
So, I'm renewing my Gir cosplay. The shirt I used to wear for it is worn out and falling apart, so I'm giving it a new look. I decided a school-girl-kind-of look, so I'm working on finding a suitable ...
Carrie S.
What Character Are You Most Like?
I was wondering... What character(s) do you think you're most like? What character(s) would your friends say you're most like? Do you agree or disagree?...